Microblading Treatment

Microblading treatment, also referred to as semi-permanent eyebrows, is a semi-permanent cosmetics procedure and is done with a fine microblade and a hand tattooing tool. By depositing the selected pigment colour, these microblades create super-fine lines that resemble fine hair strokes in the eyebrow. Unlike a traditional permanent eyebrow tattoo, the ink is not deposited very deeply, so the results are considered semi-permanent and last for 1 or a maximum of 2 years.

People who want to correct or reconstruct lost eyebrows, thin brows, or further enhance their eyebrows with a natural aesthetic appeal should consider microblading treatment from Navadiya Skin Clinic.

Advantages of Microblading Treatment

  • As per your satisfaction, natural-looking, arched, well-shaped eyebrow treatment will be received from us.
  • The microblade colour does not smudge or spread over time like permanent eyebrow tattoos.
  • Performed in a sterile, hygienic clinical setting by our founder Dr. Sandip Navadiya 
  • The effects last for a few years.
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