Dark Circle under Eye Treatment

Dark circles are really the half-moon-shaped formations, also known as the tear trough area that is located right below the eye area. They get darker for a variety of causes, some of which will be covered below. However, occasionally the tear trough region seems black but does not really darken. Such a situation results from the facial structure that is present by default, which makes the eyes appear hollow.

On the other hand, baggy or swollen eyes are brought on by a variety of factors, including water retention, fat deposition, allergies, and prolonged weeping. Although excessive weeping that results in puffy eyes typically returns to normal after a few hours, the others require specialised care.

Regular eye treatments at Navadiya Skin Clinic can delay issues for many years and lessen how bad they are when they do arise. We only utilise approved products, and our expertly skilled therapists are well-versed in how to care for your sensitive under-eye skin.

Best Under Eye Dark Circles Treatment

Best Under Eye Dark Circles Treatment

If pigmentation is the source of the dark circles, basic skin care at home can help keep them at away. The following are some simple home remedies one can do to get rid of dark circles.

Almond oil can be used and soothingly massaged into the tear trough region. One must follow the process and let the oil out over night before rinsing it in the morning with cold water. The results are visible after 14 days, but you must keep using it until all of your dark circles are gone.

Cucumber's skin-lightening and somewhat astringent characteristics make it ideal for treating dark circles. Cucumber slices that have been chilled for 30 minutes start to show benefits after about 10 days of daily application.

Because of its bleaching and astringent qualities, grated potato is also helpful. The steps to be taken include shredding a potato and extracting the juice from it. After that, the juice is chilled for around 20 minutes. After that, dip a cotton swab in the juice and place it over the eyes so that it covers the entire region that is dark. The same must be held for five to ten minutes. Within two to three weeks, the impact becomes apparent.